Ozzy & Harley

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Ozzy and Harley are approx 8 yr old neutered male Pugs.

Both Ozzy and Harley were surrendered to a Long Island shelter by the owner. Can you imagine, these 2 sweet boys had lived their whole lives together and all of a sudden find themselves in the crazy and scary environment of a shelter. Luckily, we have worked extensively with this shelter, so we were immediately called to come rescue them. They were quickly pulled and put into a nice, loving foster home.

The boys were both neutered and brought up to date, as well as given dentals.

The 1st thing you notice about them is just how "attached" to each other they are. You will see in a few of the videos attached, they mirror each other. If one gets up to take a walk, the other quickly follows. They lay together, sleep together, eat together....its really something to see. They truly do LOVE each other. I found it quite heartwarming, and so glad we were able to pull them and keep them together. Here is another video of the 2 of them, loving each other up


and more love can be found here


and another video of how they stay together


and one last video :o)


I think you can get a good feel about these boy's relationship, and why they can are meant to be together, forever!

Both are just so sweet....really a pleasure to have around. They are house trained, pretty quiet, but will bark once in a while to let you know they are still around. When my French Mastiff decides to be annoying and wants to play, both Ozzy & Harley have no problem putting him in his place, which, i must admit he deserves.They are living with 7 other dogs here, and fit right in from the moment they arrived.

They have great appetites, and when it is bed time, both go to their sleeping crate together, and settle down for the nite.

If you are ready for these 2 awesome pug brothers, get your app in. They are very eager to start a new chapter in their wonderful love story, which will include you!

If interested in adopting our great boys or making donations for their care you can contact Gary at Email: liboxerboy@ymail.com

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